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Getaways and Summer Livin!

Summer Livin!!

Hey hey wanders! It’s been a little while I know, I’ve had a lot going on mentally and emotionally with everything going on around the world it really started to take it’s toll on me, so I had to take some much needed time to give myself a lot of self care. I devoted myself to yoga and mediation at least twice a day, usually morning and night and I’ve been working on building a stronger relationship with god.

In the mix of all of that I also enrolled in school and got certified as a Mindfulness Teacher, y'all I’m so proud of myself! I have so many goals I’ve been wanting to achieve and becoming certified in Mindfulness was one of them, so now on to the next educational goal and that’s getting certified as a Yoga instructor which hopefully will be getting achieved pretty soon!

Ive had a lot going on these past few months and with covid19 creeping in it’s unfortunately stopped us from taking the kids out of the country in June, but we still decided to take a long weekend getaway to the beach in May. We went to Ocean City MD and stayed at Crystal beach hotel it was right on the boardwalk and a very clean and nice hotel. I booked it through it was a great deal we stayed 3 nights and paid $308! I love when I find deals like these and I honestly always find them on!

With being quarantined for months it was the normalcy our kids needed, they had so much fun, Xzavier brought his friend along and we all just enjoyed unplugging and hanging out, trying new restaurants (we ordered to go) were we some how still always ordered the same thing wings and subs! Sitting on the balcony watching the waves with a twisted tea in my hand was so peaceful the ocean on the other hand was freezing! I couldn’t get in I have no idea how the kids and Rich were in their the water felt like ice cubes on my feet! Watching all of them play, build sandcastle and dive into that ice cold ocean and laughing made the trip even more worth it!


Kidless getaway!

Fast forward to July, Rich and I anniversary month, we try and get away at least every other year without the kids for some much needed US TIME! So we figured why not go for our anniversary! We booked are trip through of course! At the DoubleTree hotel it was another great deal from Sunday to Wednesday and we paid $366!! Another great deal! It was in walking distance to the beach! We called my niece to house sit and watch our wildlings for us.

E A R L Y Sunday morning we drove to Virginia Beach, dropped our bags in our room through our swimsuits on and headed to the beach!

The water was so warm! Rich goes out into the ocean way further than I do! I don’t go in past my chest, Rich on the other hand turns into a dolphin and swims out crazy far and dives into the waves! After a few hours of swimming we walked the boardwalk and found an outdoor seating pizza shop and then grabbed some drinks snd headed back to the hotel swam at the pool, then headed back to our room...

The rest of the days we tried a few new restaurant, I forgot to take pics and write down the names of them but the one that I did remember was Barrel 17 it was a nice little bourbon and sandwhich spot. When we weren’t eating we were at the beach swimming and riding bikes, people watching, and swimming in the pool at the hotel.

On our last full day their, hubby surprised me and found a hiking trail and we did a 6mile hike! It was great until I seen a snake and huge gecko then I was ready to get the hell out of their! But we truly had a lot of fun just connecting with nature and being together.

The trip was another rememberable rekindling getaway that we were so grateful to get! Celebrating 13 years of marriage is such a blessing. So a little back story that some may or may not know... We got married on July 14, 2007, 13months after graduating HIGH SCHOOL! And just shy of a year (11 months) after having our son Xzavier.

I’ve had a lot of request about blogging about Richard and I love story and married life and I’m getting there just give me some time wanders, but I will definitely blog about it, I’m so grateful that you guys want to know more about us! So the married life blog is “coming soon.” Anyway it’s our sons 14th birthday today and he wants to spend most of it at the pool, so until next time wanders!

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