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Life During Self-Quarantine...

So as most of you; we have been staying home to help save lives and stop the spread of this nasty virus going around. Trying to work, be mom, wife, home school, cook, and the cleaning lady has been crazy! I miss my work kids and my "normal life." I still have moments were I stop and think, wow this is real life this isn't a Netflix show, I'm sure a lot of you are saying the same things and doing the same things at your house.

I'm off in the summers and usually get pretty creative with things to do with all my kids but they usual involve going places, so I really am trying to get creative with things to do around the house or outside that doesn't involve going to far from home.

So far we've been painting, coloring, having movie day/nights, walks and jogs around the neighborhood, playing kickball, baseball and football, cooking together and baking A LOT, working in the garden and backyard, and s'mores by the fire getting rid of things we've been wanting to get rid of for probably years, lots of reading, picnics at the park and schoolwork of course, I've also made breakfast and had the hubby and kids come down in their swimsuits and had a wacky clothes day were we all wore each others clothes, so if your looking for some ideas to do with your family, go right ahead and use some of mine.

I'm not trying to be supermom over here, I'm just trying not to hear ''I'm bored" countless times a day nor do I want my kids to feel all the anxiety that I have going on with all this change, I'm a wanderer so being home this long is hard on me mentally, but I understand and completely have excepted and agree with why we have to be; So everyday I've been working on shifting my brain to be as positive as possible, I'm a yogi so yoga, mediation and prayer have been a huge part of my calming mechanism as well as walks alone with just my husband and backyard date nights by the fire, thank god we have a teenager or it wouldn't be possible but I have to hand it to us we're trying to be creative with our alone time to but its hard. We look forward to our family vacations and we had our first family island vacation planned for June and we cancelled it and honestly don't know when the safest time is to reschedule it, Richard said we're just going to take it one day at a time and that makes perfect sense for now.

What I've been realizing these last 235897 days of being self quarantined is that we all need to understand that we're in this together, whether your home or you are one of our working warriors, this is hard for us all! So we need to spread kindness as much as we can, because everyone is on edge, and trying to do what they think is best to protect themselves and their loved ones.

On another note, y'all I am drinking and eating like crazy! When this is all over I am going to need AA and a personal trainer! Just kidding! Kinda... Every time I try to eat healthy I follow behind with something unhealthy, I guess on a positive side I'm balancing like a champ! I do drink a low calorie beer so, hey that counts to, plus wine is a technically a fruit. Wow I am winning in life now that I think about it! Anyway I just wanted to touch base with you all to let you guys know I'm still here and that if your stressing, missing traveling, kids are driving you crazy, or just missing normalcy, you're not alone, I'm feeling all the same feels! Talk to you soon wanders!

Breakfast in our swimsuits... Can you say CoronaLoco, but they all loved it so much they wore them all day!

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