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Take Me Home Country Roads To West Virginia!

Hey y'all!

Welcome to my blog and my very first one at that! Bare with me during this blog, I have a one year trying to type as I type and its like 6 am, I haven't had any coffee nor do i have the lights on. When I woke up I thought ahh this is a great time to write my blog 3 out of 4 of my kids are staying at friends or family members houses, and Luna would probably sleep in till 7:30, I'd have no interruptions minus Richards snoring! But a mama can dream right! She is up and wired like its 12 o'clock in the afternoon!

Anyway... Let me tell y'all about our fun time last weekend. This weekend was fun too, Luna and Kyra had a combined Chick fil-a birthday party!! Luna turned one on the 13th and Kyra's birthdays the 28th and she'll be 5! It was so fun; we of course had chick-fil-a nuggets and fries!

But last weekend we took a day trip adventure and explored some of WV.

We went to this cute little town, Harpers Ferry, if you haven't been you should definitely go with or without kids. There's cute stores and pubs, lots of ice cream shops, history museums, hiking trails and so much more.They had a bus ride you could take to help with the walk into the town, which we took! Cause I like to walk but it was a lot of walking! As soon as we got off the bus the Potomac River was feet away which anywhere there's water whether its a river, lake, or ocean we are running to it! We love being by the water!

Loving the scenery of the Potomac river and mountain views!


We try to getaway with and sometimes without the kids a few weekends out of the month if possible, will get up early pack lunches which lets be real here, I'm the one getting up extra early packing every ones lunches and snacks and then waking them up like 5 times so we can get going! Actually let me back up some... During my crazy busy week during little down moments whether its my lunch break or waiting in the car for one of the kids to come out of one of their practices I'll research places in near by states or places in Pa ,where we live, cause this is a big state! Depending on the weather I'll try and find something indoors or out, I like to make sure its somewhat educational most of the time but if its not honestly we don't care! We're just trying to have fun as a family!

Once I find something I send it over to Richard and he'll either like it and keep it short with an ''okay,cool'' type of text or send me a crazy list of links back of other places that are usually way out of our budget! That I have to mentally say WTF to myself and then respond with a ''will put that on our buck list lovey.'' So speaking of Budget...We like to keep our weekend getaway budgets most of the time and again depending on the weather and where were going, under $150, we look for free family fun things to do in the state or town we're thinking of visiting and if that town has any free family friendly events happening the weekend were thinking of being there, we pack tons of snacks and lunches and if the kids are too tired to eat we'll either bring along breakfast or stop an grab something quick to eat, we usually eat dinner out together depending how long our day trip last sometimes were able to be back to have dinner at home it really just depends on where we're going so be prepared for that budget to change every now and then and I'll try and break everything down the best I can each time I post about our adventures.

Anyway guys, it's now almost noon and Luna's belly is full so I can see her eyes starting to droop so I'm going to snuggle up with Ms.Luna until she falls asleep and then get me something to eat because I'm starving!

Until next time wanders!

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